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Over the last few years, KSM has become an essential organization in the community.

Rob Burton – Mayor of Oakville

Kerr Street Mission (KSM) is reaching out to the community through a recently launched debt reduction campaign titled “Do More Good & Do Good Better.” The objective of the campaign is to go beyond meeting the operational budget, and raise an additional $700,000 to eliminate the remaining debt on the Dream Centre facility. KSM is asking people across the community to consider making an extra donation this year to secure this vital facility for the long term benefit of the community and to allow KSM to focus on providing more effective programs and services for the people in our neighbourhoods that struggling to care for themselves and their families.

The organization has made incredible progress in the last four years overcoming financial challenges that, in 2013 had left it struggling to fulfill its vision and mission. The construction of KSM’s new facility at 485 Kerr Street increased the capacity to care for the community. However, a high-interest mortgage left the organization in a vulnerable situation. KSM carried a $2 million mortgage loan at a 6% interest rate. “Imagine what we could do and how many people we would be able to help with the $120,000 per year we had to spend on interest payments,” said Gary O’Neill, Executive Director of KSM. “Before we could tackle the debt, we felt that we needed to improve the value and impact of services that we provide for the community. We have worked extremely hard to bring people together so that we could respond more effectively to the needs of our most vulnerable neighbours. By collaborating we have been able to provide better care and make a greater difference for families in need. here is still much more for us to do to help the children and families in our community. That is why we need to eliminate our debt.”

“Over the last few years, KSM has become an essential organization in the community”, Oakville Mayor Rob Burton has said about KSM. Poverty affects 1 in 10 people in our community. KSM Kerr Street Mission has become a hub of care for the community. This year, there will be over 75,000 visits to KSM through a wide range of programming including core programs and 17 community partners offering more than 25 programs weekly.

The growth, new programs, collaborations and renewed commitment, has inspired new confidence in KSM’s ability to better serve our community. In 2016, ten local families donated more than $1 million to help reduce the mortgage debt along with the hundreds of other donors and funders that helped with operations over the years. At a recent event KSM raised an additional $150,000, bringing the total debt paid to 300,000 in 2017. “1.3 million of our debt has been paid in less than a year and a half. The generosity and compassion of a small number of families has been incredible. Now we need the rest of the community to help us meet our goal. We are asking everyone to consider how they might be able to help. 700,000 is still a huge amount to raise and so any donation – from small to large would be greatly appreciated.” said Gary.

Buy Valium In Koh Samui