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A daily routine built on good habits is the difference that separates the most successful amongst us from everyone else.

Darren Hardy

Club 31 is a unique part of Kerr Street Mission’s Drop-in program. We know that kids will benefit from homework help as they transitioning from middle to high school. So we have created an engaging learning environment that encourages students to improve their grades.

Club 31 has a special connection to the local elementary school, W. H. Morden. Over 90 per cent of Club 31 youth attend this middle school. KSM’s Club 31 teacher spends three afternoons a week at Morden connecting with teachers, keeping on top of curriculum, and engaging potential participants.

The program combines daily rewards with longer range goals. Youth completing half an hour of homework or reading get a well-deserved snack each day. Those coming to Club 31 at least 12 days each month earn a free movie at

Buy Ambien Cr Online

We are Grateful for Our Partner Organizations

Buy Soma In Us