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Posted Tuesday March 14, 2017 by Andy Montgomery

I started out believing that I was ‘helping people’. Now I realize that they have been the ones ‘helping me’.  Through them I have realized my humanity, and the opportunity to serve them has given me purpose. Their stories remind me of how precarious life is and confirm to me constantly that “there but for the grace of God, go I.” 

Stanley – Area Director, Restore Halton

An immigrant family of five in abject despair was referred to Restore Halton by an area church. They were bunking with a friend in her one bedroom apartment. The following ‘Plan of Care’ was developed and executed with love, compassion and patience by two volunteer Restore Halton Care Planner from a local church:

• Find apartment – Found by care planners

• Find first and last month rent of $2,950 – Paid by two Oakville churches

• Complete urgent dental work for kids – Completed through care planners’ connecting them to community services

• Complete OHIP applications – Completed through prompting, gentle insistence and transportation help from care planners

• Craft family budget, with savings provision – Completed with the guidance of care planners

• Find husband job convenient to times when he does not have to babysit his young children – Found by care planners through personal contacts

• Find furniture and complete drivers’ licence – In process…

The volunteers provided social (coffee times) and emotional support. They constantly offer encouragement during frustrating periods when the clients where close to giving up. They also helped with transportation to appointments and found food support.

This family is on their way to a healthier place and we have confidence that they will prosper. But the important consideration here is really where they might have been without this kind of close, personal support provided by the Restore Halton volunteers and the churches.

This has been another amazing case of the care provided by loving neighbours. They have done “far, exceeding above” what we asked, imagined or even expected of them… And this was their first case! Can you imagine if more persons in distress had even half this help available?

There is a growing waiting list of neighbours in need.We desperately need more volunteers.

“…Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” Matthew 25:40

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