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Posted Thursday May 04, 2017 by Andy Montgomery

Last year 2 sisters arrived with their family from Syria. We were happy to register them in our after school care program even though they spoke NO English at the time. The girls had so much to adjust to. New foods, new people and new places. Everyday there was a new experience. They were also adjusting to a return to school where dynamics and structures were different from what they had experienced. Even though they there was a language barrier the girls made friends, learned to read, and their English improved steadily.

The girls are part of our KSM family. They love after school care. When their mom or dad comes to pick them up they often are mad they have to go, “I’m not done yet, I don’t want to goooo, 1 more game please, I love this” are phrases the sisters often use.

It brings joy to our staff to girls enjoy spending their first few hours after school at Kerr Street Mission.

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