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This page display’s the Video Shortcodes available for this theme. You can insert Youtube or Vimeo videos anywhere inside posts, pages or widgets.
The Youtube and Vimeo both accept the same following parameters:

  • id (supply a video id)
  • width
  • height
  • responsive (set to 1 to make the video responsive)

YouTube (Fixed width)Order Zolpidem Online

(youtubeVideo id=”TxbmjDngois” width=”400″ height=”350″)(/youtubeVideo)

YouTube (Responsive)Order Zolpidem Online

(youtubeVideo id=”TxbmjDngois” height=”350″ responsive=”1″)(/youtubeVideo)

Vimeo (Fixed width)Order Zolpidem Online

(vimeoVideo id=”72625185″ width=”400″ height=”350″)(/vimeoVideo)

Vimeo (Responsive)Order Zolpidem Online

(vimeoVideo id=”72625185″ height=”350″ responsive=”1″)(/vimeoVideo)

Buy Diazepam Online 5Mg