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Young people need adults and peers in their lives who express care, challenge growth, provide support, share power, and expand possibilities.

The Search Institute

Kerr Street Mission is a safe and fun place for youth 11 to 17 years of age to hang out. Students are warmly welcomed into a community where they will be accepted, encouraged and challenged by our staff, volunteers and their peers.

Whether it is sharing a snack, playing video games, playing in the gym, or just spending time with friends in the lounge – there is always something to do.

The Drop-In program has been designed to promote personal growth. Every day there are opportunities to participate in fun activities and healthy social interactions. And through it all they are building self-confidence and contributing to their peer community.

Middle School Students have to participate in our homework club for 30 minutes every day to enjoy the privilege of the program and to ensure that they are developing the habits and routines they need to be successful in school.

High School Students have to participate in a weekly leadership program to enjoy the privilege of the program and to developing their understanding of responsibility, self-control and accountability so they have a better chance of success in life.

Our Youth Development coordinator and homework club teacher provide daily supervision and mentorship for students and volunteers.

“If I’d had something like this growing up, my life would’ve turned out a lot differently.”

Stephan – Sheridan College Placement Student

Weekly Schedule

Monday to Friday 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Partner Programs

Each week additional program opportunities are available for our youth.


Monday Afternoon: Sports Program

Thursday Afternoon: Steve Nash Basketball Program

Sanctuary Church

Tuesday Evening: Rooted Youth Group – Junior High (grade 6 – 8) and Senior High (grade 9 – 12)

Rooted is a crazy, fun time of playing large group games and enjoying time with friends, listening to music, and talking about God and how to live more like him.

Chartwell Church

Friday Evening: SPIN – Junior High (grade 6-8)

SPIN is where kids will experience fun, friendship and laughter. SPIN is a safe environment where young people can meet new people and can form new friendships and relationships with other students and leaders. Spin also provides a perfect setting where young people can ask questions and can discover more about who God is and the world around them. Throughout the year there are events and retreats that provide lots of excitement and fun.

Buy Xanax Paypal

We are Grateful for Our Partner Organizations

Buy Soma In Us